This Site Is Under Renovation

Hello Zooty Fans

So much has happened since we last updated our site that we are going to redo the whole thing to better reflect Zooty Soaps and our mission.
For now, yes we have lots of soap that is available but the website was hopelessly out of date. It has been a busy summer of 21 for many many reasons, but we have been doing shows and markets and that has consumed our time just keeping up with demand.
So for now we have to go old school and talk on the phone for orders. Just call me up and we can discuss what you might like and we can work it out. Check out the Instagram link above for some of what our past works are but be aware we have lots of new soap styles and fragrances..so call me.

Thanks for your patience and understanding and stay tuned

Rick Jarvis
Zooty Soap Company

425 205 1214



3105 198th PL SE


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